Antique Aesthetic décor pieces can be really a great way to add a unique and interesting character to your home décor . They not only have a historical significance but also add aura (feel good ) and charm to your home. Aesthetic pieces and reproductions are normally inspired from our old heritage buildings, forts , palaces and places of worship and can be both fascinating and spectacular to own! Most of the antique reproductions are repurposed as frames, mirrors, candle holders or planters and always add a rustic and vintage feel to your home. The carved wood panels can be used as brackets, Corbels or even just as a Wall décor and give a touch of elegance and grandeur to your home.

Besides décor these rustic looking pieces can add lots of drama and glamour. These decor pieces designed in rich colors and textures can add depth and dimension to your home . They add lots of color and excitement and give a very inviting feel and cozy touch.

One piece of art can become a focus of your living space and add a huge statement adding a touch of sophistication and glamour.

Things to keep in mind while buying an antique décor piece for your home.

COMPATIBILTY- Foremost thing to keep in mind while buying a rustic décor is to keep general aesthetics of your home in mind. It should create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. If you have a warm earthy décor, a rustic piece will just gel properly but if your décor is contemporary, you may want to add a piece which is more streamlined design. So always choose a piece which compliments your existing décor and doesn’t clash . Hence paying attention to these small details can ensure that your proud purchase fits seamlessly in your home.

COLOUR SCHEME- Always pay attention to colors scheme of your home before buying any aesthetic vintage décor. This will ensure that the rustic piece compliments the overall look of your home. If your home has neutral color always choose warm tone with earthy hues . If your home has bold color then consider décor in muted neutral hues. This will add a calming , relaxing mood and prevent the space looking too overwhelming.

Breathing spell- While decorating your home always keep in mind old and new . Never make a space look cluttered and overwhelming. Always keep a balance in what you already have and the new décor piece you are adding. Always use neutral backdrop to your vintage pieces


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