Our Story

As a result of our work sourcing goods for a variety of USA and European clients and visiting factories and artisans in remote parts of India, we encountered many beautiful things that were neither valued by artisans nor seen by people who were passionate about them. There are scores of people who loved these kinds of artwork, but did not have access to it. With this objective in mind, Revive Home was conceptualized in 2022. Since then, Revive Home has offered unique products that feature the Indian heritage, mythology, stories, poetry, and colors.

There are over 3,000 unique artworks in Indian society, proving the importance of art in Indian society and its popularity in the ancient world. India has an ancient and unique art history, with every region excelling in an art form. As an example of India's syncretic culture, Indian craftsmanship reflects the aesthetic influences of a variety of religions like Hinduism, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Islamic as well as unique tribal aesthetics. For thousands of years, this ancient bond has not been sustained merely by chance, but by the Indian craftsmen's commitment to their skills.
Our collection is a true reflection of Indian Mythology, our forts and palaces and arts which are fast vanishing. As our name suggests, we strive to revive our heritage and bring it to your homes. All our products are handmade sustainable, environment-friendly, natural and curated to support local arts and artisans. Each product evokes a proud sense of Indian Heritage. Come and Join us in discovering the beautiful Indian Heritage